Deaf Church


Cambridgeshire Deaf Church is an oasis of accessible worship.

Here at Cambridgeshire Deaf Church we provide regular services across Cambridgeshire and can provide advice or information on interpreting for all kinds of Christian ceremony. See the video from the Cambs Deaf Website here with a transcript below.
Please visit our Facebook page for more information about where you can access our regular services across the county. More information is also available in the CDA Newsletter

See all our news for Cambs Deaf Church

Contact Jan Smith, Deaf Church Coordinator

For any information about services or advice concerning Weddings, Funerals or Baptisms please contact me, Jan Smith, on 07593 633 774 or

Transcript of the video

Hello and welcome to the website for Cambridgeshire Deaf Church. Cambridgeshire Deaf Church is linked to the Diocese of Ely.

My name is Jan Smith and I’m the coordinator.

Deaf Church is for people who use British Sign Language, are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind and people who can hear well. Everyone is welcome.

One our most important aims is to link people’s lives to God, Jesus and the Bible in BSL. Another aim is to support people through friendship.

If you’re interested you can find out more on our website. We have signed services every month and importantly we can offer BSL interpretation for weddings, funerals and christenings too. We have small Bible study groups where we talk about your real-life situations and pray for each other.

A popular event is Deaf Cafe Church where lots of people attend to see Bible presentations, talk amongst friends and have something to eat and drink. We also run occasional special events. Contact me if you would like any more information.

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